Lenticular Printing ..... Unconventional thinking

Catching the eye of your customers can be difficult in a world full of distracting advertisements. Draw their eyes back to your product with a business card that changes depending on what angle you look at it, such as with Lenticular Printing


3D cards are a Lenticular product that can have 2 or 3 different flips on it. Your images create a change in transition, each image vanishing and then reappearing from one to another as you tilt the card back and forth. The thickness is 20mil, only the front side can have the 3D effect and full color printing on back.

Email us or give us a call so we can discuss what type of image transition your looking to achieve. 

1000 Lenticular Business Cards, 3x Image Transition $289-

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unconventional thinking

Weather your promoting your products or professional services, unconventional marketing will make you stand out. Amaze your prospects with a lenticular business card. Give us a call to discuss your idea's, answer any questions you may have... (718) 285-4589